Danielsaurus is about children, society, and other stuff.

And sometimes dinosaurs. Because who doesn't like dinosaurs?

The whole kit-and-kaboodle is written by me, Daniel Bigler. I live in the Pacific Northwest, and I am a writer, teacher, and researcher who studies children's lives and issues. Sadly, I am also not a dinosaur. See?

Here I am at one of my favorite places in the world: Glamis Adventure Playground in East London. I spent more than a year there conducting an ethnography  during graduate school – and eventually I wrote a very long dissertation about it. (It was pretty great.)

Wait a Minute... Who Is This Again?

I'm Daniel. (Hi.) By day, I teach  whipper-snapper university students as a faculty member in the interdisciplinary field of Children’s & Childhood Studies. It's kinda an awesome thing.

By night, I rule the skies, looking for bats. Because I'm Batman. I also like to make interesting things, read interesting words, and (occasionally) write interesting thoughts – and sometimes I go bowling.

Other things I've done before this, in no particular order:

As for what's next? Well, I'm thinking about joining a barbershop quartet.